IPL Photofacial
IPL Photofacial

IPL Photofacial

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Look and feel younger; rejuvenate your skin the easy way with Viora IPL skin rejuvenation treatments.

Are you seeking treatment for dull and aging skin, without the pain and inconvenience of undergoing surgery?

You’re not alone. There is a growing demand for non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedures, particularly among both senior women and men. In fact, these procedures make up 40% of medical aesthetic treatments worldwide.

Viora’s non intrusive skin rejuvenation treatments may be just the right solution for you. Leading the skin rejuvenation treatment market, Viora offers an abundance of products and treatments for the most effective solutions.

Suitable for all skin types and with no anesthesia required, Viora’s advanced and proprietary technology provides for resurfacing procedures that are safer, more comfortable, less painful, with minimal downtime. Significant results include improved overall appearance and quality of the skin.

lPL, also referred to as Photorejuvenation, is a laser skin care treatment that quickly, safely and comfortably removes sun spots, freckles and age spots from the face, chest, arms and hands. It may also repair blotchy, irregular skin tone, red blood vessels and photo damage. The signs of sun damage will flake off after one or two treatments, leaving clear, younger looking skin.

The Viora® IPL system is based on the principle of Selective Photothermolysis by which concentrated pulses of light target specific chromophores in the skin (i.e. light sensitive cells such as melanin and oxyhemoglobin). The absorption of light by the specific targeted chromophore induces a physiological or chemical change in the cell formation, ultimately achieving the desired clinical effect.

It treats most upper body areas with sunspots, freckles and/or redness. The most popular areas for treatment are the face, chest, and hands because they have suffered from the most sun exposure.

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  • Clinically proven state of the art treatments
  • Safe and painless, with no downtime
  • Little to no recovery time
  • Minimal risk of infection or scarring
  • Extremely natural-looking results
Treatment Type Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Light Therapies
Treatment Problem or Condition Age Spots/Sun Damage, Facial Veins/Capillaries, Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Skintone, Melasma/Freckles, Rosacea/Redness, Uneven Skin Texture
Size N/A
Brand Viora
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Gradual and cumulative improvement of skin condition is typically achieved in five treatment sessions.